Lemonade Shop version 1.9 release notes - 16.06.2020
Lemonade Shop version 1.9 contains many updates to the overall gameplay. This includes a new concept of selling and producing items, new conditions for how to raise customer level, but also a way to lose a customer level again, a clothing shop, settings, a help section, a new interior shop design, map update, and animated doors.

Produce before selling
In earlier versions of Lemonade Shop, the player could just place a lemonade stand or snack machine and the items would have infinite products to sell. To combine the farming and selling items in the game, the number of products available to sell at a lemonade stand or snack machine is now based on the number of required sell items available in the player's storage.

Customer reviews
The conditions for raising the customer level has been changed to require only a rating of 50 based on the last 100 reviews. As a new feature, it is also possible to lose customer levels again if the shop doesn't live up to the customers' expectations, and you will, therefore, lose a customer level every time you hit a rating of -20 based on the last 100 reviews.

Clothing shop
It is now possible to visit a clothing shop within the map where you can change the appearance of both the player you control and the staff members. 

The new version contains a menu with the possibility to change camera zoom and speed. These settings can be found by pausing the game and pressing the button labeled "Settings".

Help section
With the new producing and selling requirements, a help section has been added to the game describing the required interior that you should build to produce and sell a specific type of product. The help section also describes other things such as maintenance and customers.

New interior shop
The design of the interior shop has been updated to make it easier to understand the different properties an interior item has. The new design, therefore, includes an inspector showing different parameters, such as available job positions and required sell items.

Animated doors
To make the game look a bit more realistic, doors will now automatically open and close if an NPC is close to it.

Map update
The models of the environment around the build area have been updated to new models, and the area have been expanded. With the introduction of this map update, the feature used to change shop area have been updated to switch between areas with the same map instead of different environments, and should now only be used to create a brand new shop, instead of moving to a new area. For the same reasons, it is no longer required to unlock new shop areas, if you want to create a new shop.

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