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Lemonade Shop version 1.8 release notes - 31.01.2020
This version of Lemonade Shop includes a couple of different changes to the customer review system, a larger map, staff behavior, and some new interior items!

Customer reviews
With the new changes to the customer review system, it's now possible to use customer reviews to get a better insight into the challenges customers are facing when visiting your shop. Instead of only describing in the review if the shop had the item they were looking for, will they now also describe if all the items were broken or in use by other customers.

More space
Get ready to build even more with the expansion of the map size.
Just go to the Business menu > Area > and click upgrade the build area.

Disabled staff trash
Staff members' ability to drop trash on the ground after eating or drinking is disabled to avoid staff members using all available cleaning resources on cleaning the staff area.

New Interior items
This version includes several new items for different categories.
Find new entertainment items such as the new pool items, a game console machine or a new bubble bath.
Or upgrade your staff area with a retro PC or a gamer PC!

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