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Lemonade Shop version 1.7 release notes - 08.01.2020
This version includes many new interior items, optimizations (a limit on active trash elements, etc.), a new customer challenge feature, new objectives and achievements, and access to Mom's House!

New interior items
To ensure that the food trailer and ice cream stall interior have options for adding multiple staff members is it now possible to buy different types of them. New entertainment items are the party speaker, a racing arcade machine and Lemonade the board game. We also added a couple of new couches for both customers and staff members and a couple of decorative items.

Customer challenge
A brand new feature in this version is the customer challenges where you get a chance to help a customer and get a reward in return. At the moment is it possible to find two different customer challenges, but more will be added in the future.

Trash limit
To avoid a massive amount of trash elements around the map, that eventually would crash the game, is there now a limit on active trash elements. 

Mom's house
It's now possible to enter Mom's house. Maybe you will find something in there? 😄

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