Lemonade Shop version 1.6 release notes - 17.12.2019
The focus of this version of Lemonade Shop was to optimize and add bug fixes to various elements, for example, the farming feature, the user interface, the export feature, and the color picker for interior and staff shirts!

Farming bug fixes
In a previous version of Lemonade Shop was a farming house interior released, where it was possible to click on it and upgrade various farming skills. A few bugs related to this feature was revealed, which meant that your staff members weren't aware of their new skills. This and some other bugs related to farming are now fixed and should work as intended. In addition to making it easier to use the farming house, is it possible to access the panel quick through the business panel.

Export 'sell all' feature
To make it easier and faster to sell huge amounts of lemonade stocks did we add a 'sell all stocks' button to the export panel.

White and red striped interior and staff shirts!
In older versions of Lemonade Shop was it only possible to apply one colored material to the interior and staff shirts. To add more interesting colors and shirts can you now find a white and red striped color you can use. More will come later!

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