Lemonade Shop version 1.5 Christmas update - 11.12.2019
It's time for a new update for Lemonade Shop! To celebrate Christmas is there added a few seasonal related items and a Christmas gift event. Another major change for this update is the new farming house, which can be used to upgrade your staff and character's farming stats.

Christmas decorations
To celebrate Christmas is it possible to find a couple of Christmas decorations in the interior shop. These decorations will only be available to buy in December, but once placed will they be in your shop until they are sold again. 

Christmas gift event
As a bonus, you can now find Christmas gifts randomly spawning around the map, in which you can find a random amount of gold! When you find a gift, just click on it and your character will pick it up and gather the gold inside.

Farming house
To improve the overall farming experience is it now possible to buy a farming house that you can use to upgrade your farming stats. This includes upgrading how many lemons your staff members can carry from each plant, the number of lemonade you staff members can juice from each lemon and the number of lemons and lemonade your storage interior can store. Find the farming house in the interior shop under "Farming", place it somewhere and click on it, to start upgrading.

Merry Christmas!
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