Lemonade Shop version 1.4 release notes - 23.11.2019
A brand new version of Lemonade Shop has just been released! This version comes with major changes to the staff managing system to make it easier in the process of managing staff members' jobs. New weather features, cars and much more.

Quick color switch Interior stats
It's now possible to change color on the interior that you have already placed on the grid. Click on an interior > click the "Color" button in the interior inspector > select your favorite color and that's it!  You can also now inspect the job interior's stats by clicking the "Stats" button in the interior inspector when inspecting an interior. The interior's stats describe the job's complete XP, rest level cost, complete time and number of staff spots.

Staff managing system
To make it easier and more customizable to apply jobs to staff members did we add a feature to add jobs directly in the interior inspector. This feature includes a list of current spots in-use and available spots on a job interior where you can remove and assign staff members. The list also adds a way to inspect the rest level and other staff member stats in real-time.

New NPC cars and snow
To update the games overall look did we add two new cars are added for customers to use when driving to your shop and a snow feature!

It's now possible to buy a dumpster where you can assign up to 6 staff members that you want to clean the area. 

Export stocks amount
The number of lemonades in one lemonade export is changed from 100 to 20.

The future development of Lemonade Shop
We have many ideas for the next version of Lemonade shop that includes bug fixes, optimization, new items, building roof, farming upgrades and much more. 

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