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Lemonade shop App Icon Lemonade shop
Release date: Oct 7, 2019 - Last update: Nov 5, 2019 - Version number: 1.3
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Start your lemonade business adventure today! Play as a lemonade shop owner who is on the mission to conquer the lemonade industry.

Level up your character and staff members as you acquire new customers with your awesome service. Keep your shop clean, repair broken interior and buy new interior to offer new entertainment and relaxing areas.

But how do you know what your customers need? Don't worry, they will tell you. Keep an eye out for expression emojis and customer reviews to get an insight into what your customers want.

When life gives you lemons you take those lemons and sell them!

  • Place, remove, color interior items
  • Expand build area
  • Hire staff members and manage jobs
  • Expand parking lot
  • Complete objectives to earn rewards
  • Unlock new business environments
  • Upgrade your products' prices
  • Unlock a snack product to sell
  • Level up your character and staff members
  • Make organic lemonade to increase profits
  • Leaderboard
  • Achievements

Current business environments:
  • Mom's house
  • Uncle Jim's burger joint
  • The beach

The Android version is still in an internal test and will be released as soon as possible.

Posted 13 days ago

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- The game is not supported in your browser - HOW TO JUMP: USE THE W KEY / CLICK INSIDE THE GAME AREA

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