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READ First person shooting in Unity using raycast - 23.08.2019

Have you ever wanted to build your own first-person shooter game?
You got the character and movement setup in Unity but need some kind of shooting functionality?
This can easily be accomplished using raycasts.

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READ Save player data in Unity - 22.08.2019

Do you want to save and load player data in your Unity project? There are several ways to implement this type of functionality, fx playerPrefs or by using a SQL database and access it via an API. This tutorial will focus on explaining how to get started using the persistence data system.

Game Development Unity tutorial Devlog
READ Remember Robot Invasion Wars - shooter version 1.0? - 05.09.2018

The first version of Robot Invasion Wars. A lot has changed since we released the game on May 7, 2018. The first version 
did only contain 6 maps, 7 weapons, and 6 items. you didn't have any armor, you...

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